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Clarity of Mind


Through movement, breath, and various awareness techniques, Yoga helps us live in our truth. It teaches us to be our own guide to health and happiness. Yoga can help us find the light on our path and cultivate kindness towards the self so we may shine that light onto others. 

Yoga for Everyone


Roots has been designed and crafted to be a space of kindness and warmth...a calm and serene environment to be with oneself and the supportive embrace of those that surround you. From the diversity of our regularly scheduled classes to the more specific workshop and series offerings - we strive to offer yoga for everyone.



Yoga is a means to create and maintain balance in our lives. Balance in our movements, energy, breath, work and family lives, and anywhere else one can seek it. Roots exists to enhance the life offer the environment and the tools to assist our students in creating their own life balance.

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